We were junkies. We were junkies of each other’s bodies. If there were an occupation of laying in bed with each other all day, we would be the CEO’s. We could make millions. Each day we spend with each other we have trouble getting out of bed. Not just because of the physical, but because that’s where we want to be. Where we feel safe; comfortable. You shook me awake the other night, I thought there was something wrong. You looked troubled.  But when I came to, all you said was “I love you.” The first words out of your mouth every morning are “I love you.” We dream of doing everything together. Going everywhere together. Florida, California, down the street to the grocery store, back to London where we met. You promised we’ll go to southern France one day, I hope we do. I want to show you that real true raw love exists. That it can last. That it doesn’t have to end in sadness.

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